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The Nine Gold Cake Store is renowned in the Jiufen region for its baked goods. The owner is a Jiufen native who has set up shop in a building with more than 80 years of history. The aged electrical wiring on the ceiling stands testimony to the lengthy history of the location.
The owner of the Nine Gold Cake Store, Mr. Yang, is known by the nickname "Superman" in the locality. The words "Nine Gold" in the store name are a reference to both the gold in Jiufen and the pairing of the Chinese characters for Jiufen and Jinghuashi. As Mr. Yang's wife enjoys baking pastries, they decided to open up a cake and pastry store in Jiufen. Though business was slow at the beginning, Mr.Yang was proactive in developing new flavors. He scoped out the most popular mochi stores in the vicinity and discovered that brown sugar mochi was the most popular flavor with tourists. This inspired him to add brown sugar mochi into traditional honeycomb cake. After overcoming a serious of production obstacles, he finally came up with the recipe for his unique tasting brown sugar mochi honeycomb cake. This has set his store apart from the many cake and pastry shops in the Jiufen region, and the product was even voted one of 2008 the top 10 best gifts to buy in Taipei County.
In addition to the honeycomb cake, the store also offers pineapple cake, taro mochi cake, lover's mochi cake, green bean egg yolk cake, and a number of other desserts, cakes, and pastries. Custom orders are also available, showing how much effort the owner makes to accommodate visitor needs.
The store makes continual efforts to provide innovative packaging, and they accept orders for gifts, wedding cakes, engagement cakes, holidays and more. They also provide a delivery service, so that more people are able to enjoy the unique taste of their honeycomb cake.

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