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Another Name: "Take the bull by the horns" Craft Store
In the years of Emperor Guangshui of the Qing Dynasty, a large amount of gold diggers and businesspeople rushed to Jiufen and Jinguashi where gold were discovered. In that time, there were two bakeries in the areas, the Yongzhen Wang and Zhenxiang Lin; and traditional Fujian bakery also rose in the areas. Today, the Lao Zhen Xiang is run by the sixth generation of the founder, and the owner makes pastry in the traditional way.

The interior decoration of Lao Zhen Xiang is absolutely Chinese. In a base tone integrating yellow and red, the entire space is bright and spacious. The owner pays a lot of attention to product packages. The gift box is in a vintage Oriental style mixed with the characteristics of Jiufen. Particularly the pineapple cake which is packed in a golden yellow box with traditional Chinese painting printed on top.

The Lao Zhen Xiang provides 16 types of parties, mainly divided into three categories: assorted pastries, yolk pastry and fruit pastry. At present, the cranberry pastry, sweet potato pastry and taro egg yolk pasty are the most popular.

In addition to the home delivery service, the Lao Zhen Xiang provides online shopping with COD or prepaid services to facilitate online shoppers to place orders over the Internet with delivery made to the destination advised. On the official website of Lao Zhen Xiang, there is e-news subscription from the house for customers to learn more about the products of Lao Zhen Xiang and to access to the promotional activities available for members only.
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