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AddressĄGNo. 21, Shuqi Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City


09:00AM ~ 10:00PM


The Jiufen Museum of Art was founded by Hong Zhi-Sheng, an artist and also the manager of the Jiufen Teahouse. It was established on 29 March 1998. This museum realises Hong's idea of, ‘blending life into art and blending art into life'. In other words, this museum combines tea, pottery and painting together.

The interior design of this museum is kept simple. The pure white wall, plain floor, round columns and the kassod wood chest of drawers underneath the wall are purposely undecorated. This is to allow visitors to give their attention to museum collections displayed. There are paintings exhibited on the walls, while three-dimensional items, including sculpture and pottery, are placed on the top of the chest of drawers.

Many extraordinary paintings, including classical and contemporary ones created by Taiwanese painters, are part of the museum's collections and are on display in turns. Currently some of Hong Zhi-Sheng and Chen Buo-Wen's oil paintings are part of the permanent exhibition. Potters and painters are regularly invited to display their creations. The general public is welcome to visit the museum for free. In order to maintain a satisfying standard, guided tours and special events have to be arranged in advance.

Hong Zhi-Sheng stresses that the Jiufen Museum of Art's mission is to provide a space for craftsmen and artists to exhibit their works and exchange their ideas in Jiufen, rather than the promotion of certain artists or craftsmen and the marketing of them. Therefore, profit-making is definitely not the main concern here. As a result, visitors can directly ‘feel' the aura created by the displayed craftwork and artwork themselves. Guests can expect an art-enriched experience.

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