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The Ceramic Art Workshop was founded by Mr. Hong Zhi-Sheng, owner of the Jiufen Teahouse, on 1 July 1995. It is the first ceramic workshop in the Jiufen area, and one of the few ceramic workshops in Juifen that not only produces ceramic items but also sells them. This ceramic workshop is managed by Hong's younger brother, Hong Zhi-Xong.

Enter the workshop from the Jiufen Museum of Art or go through a penetrant alley that's opposite to Artist Teahouse. The Ceramic Art Workshop is located in a rectangular shaped building with a plain appearance. The walking path in the middle of the room divides the space into two areas. On one side, craftsmen make pottery with furnaces situated here; on the other side, there are wooden full-length shelves that store ceramic ware that has been completed.

Currently, the workshop supplies the Jiufen Teahouse and Artist Teahouse with ceramic ware. These items are all handmade and are free from any toxic materials. After being sintered by a 1230°C heat, these unique tableware are safe to use.

Moreover, this workshop is a base for ceramic design. Having been created here in this workshop, new designs can then be mass produced by authorised manufacturers. Many of these items have become popular souvenirs amongst tourists who visit Jiufen. For example, an award-winning teapot design bears the appearance of a miner's head torch, and it is this refined design reflects the local industry.

In general, the Ceramic Art Workshop is not open to the public. This is because they would like to keep their new designs private, and prevent tourists from being burnt by furnace and other ceramic-making equipment. If anyone is interested in making your own ceramic ware here, you can make an appointment by telephone. Group visits are recommended. You and your group can then receive instructions from professional potters and an enjoyable experience. You may be able to turn your creation into something you can use in daily life.

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