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AddressĄGNo. 110, Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City


09:30-18:30 (weekdays)
09:00-19:30 (holidays)


The Ben Teng Leather Shop (Leather Art World) is located in the middle section of Jishan Old Street between the Jishan Street Public Market and the Shi Residence. The store is divided into the front and rear sections. In the front section, there are small bags and ornaments. Climbing the stairs, it is the rear section, the main part of the store where different kinds of leather products are displayed. The store is named in Chinese with a character consisting three cows, because the owner and his wife were born in the year of cow, and the owner is a Taurus, making three cows. Also, as they are in the leather business, they simply named the store with this character.

The couple began the leather product business in 1997 and has become one of the best in the business. The interior decoration of the store is refined and simplistic, presenting a warm and sumptuous feeling. The store is decorated in a Wild West setting of the USA and provides customers with various leather products, mainly purses, wallets, and belts based on the ideas of toughness, wilderness, individuality, classic and handmade products.

In addition to quality, "service and warranty" are what the owner insists on. Therefore, to make customers pleased to browse, glad to buy and pleasant to use leather products are the foci of the store's service. Customers can enjoy "free restoration" for any products bought from this store, except deliberate damage. Such a bold commitment is built on the owner's faith in the quality of his products and has become a best practice for the virtuous interaction with customers.

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New Taipei City. Service Call:02-8923-7178 
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