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AddressĄGNo. 20, Shixa Lane, Ruifang District, New Taipei City


Weekdays08:30 ~ 1:30
Weekends & Holidays 8:30 ~4:00

The Amei Teahouse is located on Shuqi Road. Its strong Japanese architectural style makes it very eye-catching. In particular, when it is rumored that the teahouse looks like the building of Yubaba in the animated picture Spirited Away of Hayao Miyazak, more and more people want to find out the truth about it.
The Amei Teahouse was originally a blacksmith shop run by Amei's grandfather who made tools for local miners. With the rise of the tourism industry in Jiufen, Amei transformed the blacksmith shop into a teahouse with her experience in teahouse operations. This spacious teahouse is the first of its kind and one of the representative buildings in Jiufen. It is located in place with great vision, and guests can view the gorgeous mountain and sea views of Jiufen from every table. The teahouse has two wings, the east and west. The east wing is a pure teahouse where visitors can enjoy great tea. The west wing is a bar with handmade organic snacks. Under the east wing, there is a basement for small group gatherings; and on the roof, there is an open-air tea area. In the west wing, there is a group dinning area on the roof that is connected with the open-air tea area in the east wing.
The exterior of the teahouse is wrapped up by wooden walls to maintain the original flavor of Jiufen. Although Jiufen is a rainy area where wood rots easily due to the humid weather, the Amei Teahouse refurbishes the building every three years, and it is worth it according to the owner. At the Amei Teahouse, tea tasting and tea demonstration are the main services. Now, it also provides a wide variety of tea drinks and specialty snacks, and 80% of the limited handmade tea snacks are made by the house. The uniquely brewed osthumus tea wine from the house is made of pure organic ingredients. This time-consuming and labor-intensive "tea wine" integrating the aroma of tea and wine and the fragrance of osthumus is suitable for serving both hot and cold. Therefore, it is the most common order of regular customers.


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