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AddressĄGNo. 150, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan




Weekdays 08:00 ~ 23:30
Holidays: 08:00 ~ 02:30 (next day)


The Mountain and Sea View Teahouse resides in a yellow tiled three-story building near the rear of Jishan St. As the location happens to be where the Old Street takes a turn, with the Rear Viewing Platform, this teahouse has a better, non-obscured view than most. The interior of this store is mostly decorated with wooden elements, tables, and chairs. The space is cozy yet sophisticated with the vast array of poetry, calligraphy, and paintings on display. There are indoor scenic seats on the first floor, with floor to ceiling windows so that patrons may immerse themselves in nature without fear of the elements. On the third floor and top floor, there is open air seating. A great deal of flexibility exists in the seating possibilities between all of the floors, from two person seats and Japanese style rooms all the way up to larger rooms which can accommodate more than 10 people. No matter how many people are attending your event or family gathering, you will be able to find adequate seating in this friendly, happening teahouse.
In order to ensure that visitors are able to make the most out of their time in Jiufen, the teahouse has especially extended its nighttime opening hours, making it one of the most favored teahouses for visitors who have fallen in love with Jiufen's night scene. They provide a large selection of food and drink, including juice, cold beverages, coffee, cake, floral teas, desserts, set meals, 8 types of dim sum, and 4 types of steaming hot pot sets.

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New Taipei City. Service Call:02-8923-7178 
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