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Address:No. 110, Lunding Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City



進房時間: 15:00後
退房時間: 11:00前


The Jiufen Longmen Inn B&B is located on Lunding Road next to the Jiufen Elementary School. It is an easy-to-identify location that is quiet in a noisy neighborhood by the mountain in front of the sea. Walking down along Jishan Road from the main entrance of Jiufen Elementary School, one can reach the bustling Jiufen Old Street.

The owner of the Jiufen Longmen Inn B&B has a very unique operational philosophy. Instead of providing hotel-class services, he treats guests as friends and prepares different kinds of thoughtful facilities for them. Although there is no attendant service as found in hotels, there is hospitality that cannot be found in hotel employees. In fact, the owner expresses his hospitality in different kinds of thoughtful aspects, including reasonable room rates, a great accommodation environment, thoughtful and pleasant itinerary planning service, free pick-up service between Ruifang and Jiufen, and accessible kitchen.

All suites at the Jiufen Longmen Inn B&B are equipped with classy mahogany furniture and well-designed lighting and decorations to present an elegant design and cultural flavor. The marble floor brings a sense of elegance. Tables and chairs strongly suggest a vintage Chinese flavor that surprises both local and foreign guests. The owner also equips all guestrooms with TV, air-conditioner, hygienic toilet facilities to provide the same level of services found in high-class hotels.
On the roof of the Jiufen Longmen Inn B&B, there is a sightseeing platform equipped with tea sets and tea. In the quiet and increasingly beautiful night in Jiufen, guests can freely enjoy pleasure and relax themselves. At the detached family suites from the Jiufen Longmen Inn B&B, guests can use the kitchen as they wish as though they were at home, including the rice and tea prepared by the owner. In the evening, family can gather together to chat and exchange their findings in their trips, in order to bring the family tighter.

First legally registered guesthouse, mahogany furniture, sightseeing


New Taipei City. Service Call:02-8923-7178 
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