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After visiting Jiufen for fun, a pair of young lovers was enchanted by the gorgeous scenery of this mountain city. Getting married, the husband loved casting and wooden carving and the wife good at painting, began their 10-year plan to realize their dream. From nothing to everything, the thick and solid stone walls were built by the husband, and the works made by this couple are seen everywhere inside and outside the guesthouse.

In the living room, charcoal-roasted black tea is on the stove. The wooden bar on one side brings the warmth as found in a Scandinavia fireplace. The handcraft taste continues in the guestrooms. Every guestroom is specially planned and designed in different styles. The balcony on one side is spacious. The effort of the owner and his wife is seen also in the bathroom with clean and refined designs, now with a different tone for guests to immerse themselves in the vaporized fragrance more relaxingly when having a bath.

By the guesthouse is a pale yellow coarse stone house like a small church. This is the owner's "practice" handcrafted by the owner for the Sunny Room B&B. The blossoming cherry blossoms set each other of on the side. Walking along the stone stairs, there are the handcrafted wings. Behind the guesthouse, the retaining wall connecting with the house removes the coldness of cement.
It is called the Sunny Room for a number of reasons. People expect sunshine is one reason, because Jiufen is a rainy place. A deeper reason is, the owner wanted to build a space for healing, so that guests could forget all their worries at the Sunny Room, immerse themselves in nature, and appreciate the effort and design of the owners.

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