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Address¡GNo. 108-3, Qiche Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City



Check-in 14:00;
Check-out 11:00


The Wang Yu Ku B&B is remodeled from a traditional stone house in Jiufen. Growing up in Jiufen, the owner has a special affection for his hometown, so he built and runs the Wang Yu Ku B&B with total devotion. As he rebuilt the old stone walls with all his own effort, every brick, every stone and every tilt records his toil and sweat for building the Wang Yu Ku B&B.

There are four theme suites in the guesthouse, including the Bamboo Style, Blue Image, Cartoon House and Rock House. Each is planned and designed personally by the owner. Inside these suites, there are tables and chairs for relaxation. With the crafty decoration of the owner's wife, guests can feel the owner's effort and devotion.

The Wang Yu Ku B&B provides a Western breakfast (sandwiches and milk tea or coffee). Guests can tell the owner if they need breakfast; and vegetarian breakfast is also available. Additionally, the house also provides tea snacks, drinks, instant noodles and a toothbrush set for free.
The owner knows the sightseeing spots and itineraries in Jiufen, Jinguashi and Suinandong very well and often give guests good advice for planning local tours and itineraries. According to the owner, guests can pick a restaurant or coffeehouse to appreciate the beautiful scenery of this mountain city and enjoy the comfortable time in the mountain city. In the evening, guests can see the great night view of the mountain city from the garden of the guesthouse. After a good sleep, they can enjoy the Western breakfast prepared by the house. Then, they will have the energy to challenge Keelung Mountain or Teapot Mountain; or travel to Jinguashi to visit sightseeing spots like the Gold Ecological Park, the Cyuanji Temple and Bao Shi Mountain.

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