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Address¡GNo. 76, Qiche Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City



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The Carefree and Leisurely House B&B located behind the Dai Tian Fu Temple was built by the father of Sister Zhang, the owner's wife. He lives here alone after Sister Zhang was married. Living in Taipei City, old Mr. Zhang's children can only visit him occasionally on holidays. As his health is declining, he needs someone to look after him. Sister Zhang thus returns to her hometown to take care of her old and ill father. Sister Zhang worked for a trading company. After retiring from work, she transformed her maiden home into a guesthouse. About 2-3 minutes' walk from the old street, the guesthouse sits in a quiet but convenient location.

The lobby on the first floor is simple and refined, exactly like the living room of a friend's place. The guestrooms have wooden floors, with clean and white mattresses. The coffee bench is covered with jacquard and surrounded by cushions, and the closet is also cute. The owner also provides washing machines and a place for hanging clothes for visitors soaked with sweat or by the rain can leave clean and comfortable. The platform on the fourth floor is a public space where guests getting up early can enjoy the refreshing air in the cool morning and watch the changeful mists and clouds in Jiufen. As the traffic in Jiufen is exceptionally heavy on holidays, the owner prepares a parking space outside the guesthouse so that guests will not need to find a corner to park their cars.
Why is it called the "Carefree and Leisurely House"? According to Sister Zhang, guests can experience the carefree lifestyle in Jiufen and enjoy the serenity away from the maddening crowd in the city. The dawn and morning dew, and the silver moon and twinkling stars are like different scenes in a film cleansing the weariness of travelers, so that they can set themselves free like they are at home to enjoy the mountain views and listen to the sea waves in Jiufen, and forget about oneself and enjoy true freedom.

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