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The Shi Bed & Breakfast is known as the Shi Mansion to locals in Jiufen. The owner's ancestor, Wen-kuai Shih, came to Jiufen and was practiced medicine at the Wonzixi Herbal Medicine Store (the location of the Gold Restaurant today). In the heyday of the mining industry, his son Chunqin Shih invested in gold mining and made a good fortune. So he founded the "Shihjinchun" House and two herbal medicine stores and quickly became a big rich man in Jiufen. From then on, the name "Shi" became distinguished and known to all locals in Jiufen.

Built in 1934, the "Shihjinchun" House is the first 3-story Western building in Jiufen and became the Shi Residence today. From the splendid patterns on the terrazzo on the façade of the third floor, we can see a strong Baroque style. A representation of wealth, this building and it internal layout reflect the architectural preferences and characteristics of housing for the rich in Jiufen in that time.

Today, both The Shi Bed & Breakfast and the Shi Teahouse are located next to the Shihjinchun House. Entering the guesthouse, one can immediately feel a classic and leisure atmosphere. In the shelves on both sides there are antiques collected by the owner and crafts made by Shuefeng Hou, the owner's wife. The first floor is a meeting place, and there are elegant guestrooms and suites on the second and third floors. These guestrooms are simplistic in style, comfortable and elegant. They are not luxurious, but are absolutely charming.
The Shi Residence is located in the city center of Jiufen. From the sightseeing platform on top, visitors can freely enjoy the mountain and sea view in Jiufen from all directions. Moreover, it is an ideal place for friends to enjoy tea. On October nights, one even sees meteor showers, thus adding another advantage to the guesthouse.

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