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Address¡G187 Shanjian Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City



Check-in 15:00;
Check-out 11:00


Running north along the twisting romantic highway, an eye-catching white house and a long stone pathway will lead guests to the entrance. The house is unadorned but filled with changes. Visitors can chat, dine or even stay overnight in the beautiful scenery as they wish to enjoy the enchanted mountain and sea views of Jinguashi.

Entering from the front door, the black and white walls, decorations and furniture shuffle across different types of plants. The overall space is cut into different layers for different functions. Every part is worthy of hanging around, immersing in the momentous silence across the windows or chatting elegantly.

There are five characteristic rooms in this guesthouse. These include the Greek Room featuring the Mediterranean style mingling with tea-colored decorations and straight-lined elements. The Wright Room is designed under the influence of contemporary US architecture Frank Lloyd Wright, emphasizing black in the correspondence of gold and wooden furniture.

The Oriental Room has a red base tone integrating Chinese, Zen and Balinese elements in the golden lighting, with hollow-carved wooden windows and slide doors partitioning the space in a crafty manner. The AMISH Room has chairs with printed pattern wallpapers and pure white embroidery beddings to recall visitors to their home sweet home. The Handcrafted Room is decorated with a large amount of handcrafted mosaic patches and paintings, where the effort of the makers is seen in every corner.
At Our Home B&B, people can always find a place to relax their body, mind and soul, and listen to their own voice only available when distanced apart from the maddening crowd.

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