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AddressĄG294-2 Qingbian Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City



Check-in 15:00;
Check-out 11:00
Weekdays: 9:00-24:00;
Holidays: 9:00-3:00


Erected at the intersection of Qingbian Road and Shuqi Road, there is no trace to tell that the Old Windows Teahouse and B&B was the Qingbian Station built manually with herring-bone bonding method from its appearance. Before Provincial Highway No. 2 began service, the "cable car" was the transportation connecting Jiufen and Ruifang. People wishing to travel from Jiufen to Ruifang must take the qianbianche (light car) from this station to take the "cable car" at Liulongtou about 1.5km outside the village to get to Liulongjiao outside Ruifang Town, and walk towards Ruifang.

A lover of the beauty of historical tracks, Ms Huang has turned this abandoned ancient dwelling which was once the main station for coal mine and gold mine transportation into a leisure teahouse and guesthouse. Inside the lobby, there is a solid stone wall on the entire side. The old photographs of the station speak of the distant past remembrance. Going up the second floor, the wooden flooring allows people to enjoy tea and snacks either sitting or lying down. Even the tired travelers can take the great tea brewed with the natural mountain water and comfortably enjoy the joyous chat with some friends. Suites are on the third floor. Almost every suite has large bay windows. The wooden floor and elegant decorations are clean and pleasant. Breakfast includes refreshing and healthy sandwiches and salads.
What is stunning is that there is a spacious sightseeing platform on each floor of Old Windows Teahouse and B&B. People can enjoy the mountain view of Jiufen at 270 degrees. The arrangement of dishes is simplistic in large characteristic plates. The main course is good to serve with rice but never too greasy, with home cooked side dishes. There are also well-designed set meals.

Qingbian Station, Stone Window Frame, Sightseeing Platform, Sofa Seat, Wireless Network


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