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Address¡G41 Shihbai Lane, Ruifang District, New Taipei City


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Remodeled from the traditional Jiufen stone house, the PaFanKeng and 41 B&B conserves the original stone wall of the building to display the simplistic and humble style of Jiufen and the straightforward beauty. The owner runs all his guesthouses with the brand name of PaFanKeng. Guests loving bustle and excitement can choose the PaFanKeng & TieDaoKou located in the old street for more convenient traffic. Lovers wishing a quiet scene or families which do not want to be disturbed can select the PaFanKeng and 41 in a detached house design, in order to enjoy the beauty of this mountain city in this small haven craftily designed by the owner.

The PaFanKeng and 41 is located in Songde Community. It was the home of the manager of the old gold washing plant. In this area, the ancient flavor of Jiufen is preserved, and it is surrounded by an atmosphere free from commercialization. About 5 minutes traffic from the old street, the PaFanKeng and 41 is an ideal guesthouse for guest seeking serenity.

The guesthouse is a group of 5 detached stone houses, which were the representative residential buildings in Jiufen during the Japanese colonial period. Based on the space of these stone houses, the owner has built five serenity-focus guestrooms. Each has one simple kitchen, choice high-mountain oolong tea and coffee. Guests can buy foods and cook them there. In the refrigerator there is bread, ham, eggs and instant noodles for guests to cook whenever they like. Each guestroom is decorated with thematic floral art like a natural garden. The three rooms upstairs are duplex structures with a balcony for guests to enjoy the great night view of Jiufen.

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