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Address¡GNo. 43, Qingbian Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City


Check-in time: after 15:00
Check-out time: before 11:00
Reservation 10:30~23:00


Pa Fan Keng is the best conserved mine entrance in its original flavor among the ten surviving cave entrances. Mines are the symbol of the history of Jiufen. At the Pa Fan Keng and Old Street Entry B&B, visitors can feel the history and simple custom of Jiufen with the owner's guidance. Quality service and atmosphere are the ultimate goals of the owner's efforts.

The owner names all his guesthouses with the brand name Pa Fan Keng. The entrance of these guesthouses is built according to Pa Fan Keng, the most beautiful cave entrance in Jiufen. Located on Qingbian Road, there are many characteristic attractions nearby, such as Cave No. 8, Cave No. 5 and Songde Park.

At the Pa Fan Keng and Old Street Entry B&B, there are different themed suites featuring mountain and sea views. Every guestroom is well-lit and carries a unique name. These suites are painted with sharp and vivid colors, and each has a different design. They include general suites and attic suites, suitable for family and lovers. To enjoy the gorgeous scenery outside from the comfortable and delicately decorated bedrooms is a premium joy. The house supplies Western breakfast, including sandwiches, coffee and tea. Beside breakfast, the classy restaurant on the first floor is an ideal place for afternoon tea, coffee and social gathering.
Establishing a relation with Jiufen out of chance, the owner deeply feels the beauty of Jiufen. Therefore, he decided to settle down in this beautiful mountain city where his passion for running a guesthouse was motivated. As a result, he built these guesthouses to provide a warm space for visitors to experience the beauty of Jiufen.

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