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Address¡GNo.117, Qingbian Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
Tel¡G+886-2-24063657 (Ms Chen)
+886-972-174198 (Mr. Yang)


24 hours


The Jiufen Easygoing Bed & Breakfast located on Qingbian Road looks simple without any pressure from its appearance. The spacious and well lit dining room is on the first floor, with a delicately made wooden bar on one side. With not much decoration or lighting, the entire space looks just like the kitchen at home, without sacrificing the indispensable charm of the bar. Going upstairs, one can see a new moon lying peacefully in the great blue sky surrounded by twinkling stars along the elegant stairway. This is the work of the owner's daughter.

On the clean and white walls inside the guests, there are lovely painted patterns. In the contrast of the clean and white walls, these patterns are not too cozy or sharp but match with the guestrooms each with an individual tone. The simple clothes hanger in irregular shape on one side is made with driftwood, with a warm and lovely texture. The bathroom is clean and spacious. There are two suites on the fourth floor and a shared small balcony for guests to chat and barbecue on silent nights, to appreciate the silver moon in while enjoying the gentle breeze, and to taste the night view of Jiufen that arouses one's mood.
The owner also advises guests his private favorite sightseeing spots for guests to avoid the crowd. The scenery of these spots is also splendid. Travelers wishing to explore the beauty of Jiufen in detail can collect the travel guide near the bar to make their trips more convenient and enjoyable. There are small photo albums next to the travel guides. Inside the albums, there are the scenic postcards of different sightseeing spots in Jiufen for guests to explore the diversity of beauty of Jiufen from different angles.

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New Taipei City. Service Call:02-8923-7178 
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