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AddressĄGNo. 23, Shikan Lane, Ruifang District, New Taipei City


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"Fon Gi Gu" is named by a writer for this guesthouse owned by Mr. Liao.

Liao is a native of Jiufen and a reporter. He returned to his hometown about two years or so ago. From the staircase in the yard, Liao built the house bit by bit, and the guesthouse we see today was completed. Opening the door, a few sleepers embedded in the black and white pebbles are the first scene in sight. Looking towards the living room, the wild red leather sofa is very eye-catching. A series of metal craftworks made by Jin-long Lin is placed beside the large-area vista window. In these works, Lin turns the cold metal into warm musical notations. Beneath, there are countless wooden and stone craftworks. Braches of the red fruit fig-tree and 100-year-old subcostate crape myrtle are stretching freely toward the sky outside the window. There, the rough branches crisscross one another, illustrating the truth of the vigor of life.

On the second floor are the guestrooms, where a red Japanese-styled sling chair is lying by the window contrasting and complementing the green leaves outside. Painted in a lighter tone than the living room, the guestrooms are in either ivory or light yellow colors. On one side, there is both a stereo and a TV for guests to totally free themselves without physically alienating themselves from the world.
Although it takes about 5-10 minutes to walk from the guesthouse to the high street, guests should view Jiufen slowly from this point. Walking freely along the path, guests will find there are surprises at every corner. Then, they can truly enjoy the beauty of Jiufen without being disturbed.

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