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Address¡GNo. 142, Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan
Tel¡G+886-2- 24969056


Weekdays: 09:00 to 22:00
Holidays: 09:00 to 02:00 (next day)


The owner of the Jiufen Teahouse, Zhi-Sheng Hong, came to Jiufen in the 1980s and purchased this old house in 1987. He has preserved most of the original structure, save for one major adjustment: the creation of an open inner courtyard for more natural lighting.

The rustic curtain hanging in the doorway with "Tea, Ceramics, and Painting" written on it embodies the principles behind teahouse operations. There is a fishpond and small garden beneath the skylight of the inner courtyard and an antique wooden armchair placed at the corner to accentuate the specialty tea set. The solemn central hall, highlighted by the inscription rubbings to either side, still remains a prime location for receiving important guests and filmmaking. The east and west wings contain distinctive antique style square tables, chairs, and wooden beds. The open-air garden at the rear of the house is a favorite location for many visitors, as they can relax here while enjoying a nice cup of tea and some scrumptious desserts.

This teahouse primarily focuses on its Chinese tea, desserts, tealeaves, tea sets, and specialty products. The production and design of the intricate porcelain tea set was overseen and designed by Mr. Hong and his wife, ensuring top quality in terms of artistic value, collector's value, and practicality. The other specialty products are included in the series of cat-themed works, such as a cat shaped road lamp, that the owner's wife created around the story of a cat and owner that were reunited again in this life despite one being in Japan and the other being in Taiwan.
The five tael gold tea cake is a tasty golden colored pineapple cake with a unique appearance, made in the shape and size of five taels of gold. The graphics on the packaging accurately reflect the prosperous Jiufen gold mining scene of the past, making it a fine choice as both a dessert to have with tea and a gift for others.
This teahouse has officially been registered as the 6th historical building in New Taipei City, making it the best example of peaceful coexistence between history, culture, art, and commercialism.

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