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AddressĄGNo. 308, Qingbian Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City
TelĄG+886-2- 24976487


Weekdays: 09:00 ~ 22:00
Holidays: 09:00 ~ 02:00 (next day)


Artist Teahouse, associated with the Jiufen Teahouse, opened on 29 March 1997. It is located to the north of Shengping Theater and below the Jiufen Teahouse.

The building is built on a strong steel foundation, with walls and archway made with plain bricks. Its castle-like appearance looks similar to Fort Santo Domingo along the north western coast of Taiwan. When it is misty, the red-bricked building reveals itself through the mist, and ‘looks like a castle in the sky'. This is the reason why this teahouse is named as ‘Castle in the Sky'. Because this teahouse had a same name as a famous Japanese animation film, many people mistakenly think the teahouse's name is copied from the film's title. This is why the owner decided to change the teahouse's name.

The teahouse has won an architecture award. In addition to its unique structure and features that allow visitors to enjoy both mountain and sea views, the interior design integrates the Western twelve zodiac signs with elements of Eastern arts. There are carved tables, wooden canoes, and chairs that look like wheels. Moreover, the teahouse owner, Mr. Hong Zhi-Sheng, decorates this place with artwork he makes, paintings, tea-drinking equipment and ceramic works he collects. Visitors can sit in the shed underneath trees, enjoying the phytoncide emitted by the trees on the site, listening to birds tweeting and feeling relaxed with the symphony of nature.

The teahouse currently offers tea, loose tea, teacakes and biscuits, tea-making equipment and relevant goods.

Wuliang Cakes, made according to the shape and the size of the Wuliang gold (‘liang' is a currency once used in Imperial China, whilst ‘wu' means ‘five'), contain pineapple fillings. They are unique and taste delicious. The picture on the packaging depicts Jiufen's thriving street scene in the past brought by the mining industry. Wiliang Cakes are suitable for both yourself and as presents.

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