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Almost all of the delicacies within this shop are made with red yeast rice, such as their rouyuan, rice tube pudding, braised pork rice, cuttlefish ball and so forth. These products are appealing both visually and gastronomically, with the fragrance of red vinasse. Inside their rouyuan are authentic red vinasse meat slices and dried bamboo shoot. The delicious, light snack comes sprinkled with cilantro and doused with their special sauce.

The key to this great taste lies in the owner's dedication towards her craft. She insists on making all of the rouyuan by hand, without adding any coloring, preservatives, or other additives. The red vinasse is also created through the traditional method of fermenting high quality red rice yeast with glutinous rice. In addition, this process has to be carried out after the Double Ninth Festival, as the climate and temperature at this time is most suitable for fermenting the most perfect tasting red vinasse. After fermentation, the red vinasse must be stored frozen to ensure that the taste is not altered by excessive red rice yeast fermentation. Although it is a long and grueling process, the owner doggedly adheres to it so as to produce the most authentic red vinasse.

In addition to her dedication and sincerity, she is also extremely innovative in that she has developed handmade red vinasse flavored rice tube pudding, sausage, cuttlefish ball, braised pork rice and other items so that consumers may enjoy a wider product selection. Her daughter has also strived to create the perfect special sauce, coming up with the present flavor after a lengthy trial and error process.

Once simple rouyuan encompasses the dedication, persistence, and labor the owner has invested over the years. She finds that the prolific media attention and her store being named a consumer favorite the greatest motivation and encouragement for her hard work.

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