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Address: No.7-1, Shuqi Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan (R.O.C.)       
Tel: +886-2-2406-2571
Email: a103896116@gmail.com


10:00 ~ 18:00

In Jiufen, walk uphill on Shuqi Road, you will see a yellow sign to the right of Auntie A-Gan Sweet Taro Balls that reads: ‘Let Secret Basement Traditional Grocery Store take you back to the good old days and your country life where you spent your childhood. You can also become an emperor, a princess or a shopkeeper here. When you need to relax, you can play chess on the second floor with a fantastic view'. This is exactly what the Secret Basement Traditional Grocery Store can offer you.
New Taipei City. Service Call:02-8923-7178 
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